Best Day Ever Portrait Party!

Pizzuti Photography Presents:

Barbie Inspired Portrait Sessions

Now through October 9th



  30 minutes of photography time with Ashley

Two outfit changes 

Use of sets, props, and limited wardrobe closet 

Styling consultation upon request 

ALL THE BEST IMAGES with *basic retouching* for you to download/share/print [roughly 20 photos]


Party for one: $180

Add a person or pet: $80 

Add 15 Minutes: $50

Signature Retouching: $25 Per Image

Mom & Me


Pool Party!

Classic doll



F. A. Q.


Is 30 minutes enough?

I have created a handy chart to help you figure out how much time you should schedule for your session.

People: 1 3 – 4 5-6 7-8 9-12
1 Outfit  30 30 30 45 60 60
2 Outfits 30 30 45 60 60 75
3 Outfits 45 45 60 75 90 90
4 Outfits 60 60 75 90 120 120


F. A. Q.


Is 30 minutes enough?

I have created a handy chart to help you figure out how much time you should schedule for your session.

People: 1 3 – 4 5-6 7-8 9-12
1 Outfit  30 30 30 45 60 60
2 Outfits 30 30 45 60 60 75
3 Outfits 45 45 60 75 90 90
4 Outfits 60 60 75 90 120 120


How many photos will I get?

30 minutes of photography will equal to about 20 photos. These are chosen by me based on expression, composition, and lighting. These all go through our basic editing and uploaded to a gallery where you can download print size jpg files and decide if you would like to upgrade any of them to our signature retouching.


What is signature retouching?

As part of our signature retouching process images are enlarged and hand-retouched in photoshop. This includes airbrushing skin, removing blemishes, smoothing hair flyaways, brightening teeth and eyes, adjusting clothing, and removal of distracting objects, and matching backdrop colors so they are consistent. Significant time is spent to make the images magazine-level flawless.

Included in signature retouching are sunburst label and doll box edits

Each signature retouched image is $25 or 5 for $100

Can I see the rest of the images not included?

With over 20 years of experience as a photographer, trust that I have given you the best.


Are the photos on this page retouched?

All photos on this web-page have been retouched. If you would like to see a ‘basic retouched gallery you can view it here, you can view it here.


Can we make it a party?

Heck yes! Invite your friends and dance the night away. Groups of up to 10 are welcome. Larger groups require longer session times. To get an idea of how long your session should be, refer to the handy chart above. If you have more than 12 please contact me for a custom quote.

There is one booking per group so assign a captain to book, pay, and relay important information.

Feel free to bring treats or beverages, however, we do have a carry-in / carry-out policy. Please book an additional 15 minutes to clean before our next group.


Can we take selfies or videos?

Yes! We want this to be a fun experience for you and your crew. Please make sure to tag us. @pizzutiphotography #bestdayeverportraits


Use our handy booking page to secure your session. You will pick your date and time, build your package, review our policies and pay for the session.


What if we have to cancel?

Because this is a limited-run experience, we cannot issue refunds. However, you can use the credit at the studio for up to a year. Please do not show up to the studio sick. Pretty, pretty please. I will work with you to reschedule.


What if you have to cancel?

If I get sick or get called away for an emergency. The first step is to try and reschedule you if we can’t find a time that works, I will refund you.


Do you provide outfits and/or props?

I have a small selection of outfits, but I highly recommend you bring your own. We have lots of props [went a little overboard actually] like sunglasses, purses, a little car for small pets, hats, pink xmas tree, vintage phones, pool toys, shopping bags and lots of fun mid-century furniture. Please bring your own shoes, lipstick and jewelry.

Don’t forget,  included in your session is a styling consultation. I’m happy to schedule a phone call to brainstorm and go over your options. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Outfit ideas:

Me in a box: Be the Barbie in your heart. If this was your display box, what would you be wearing? For some, that’s classic Barbie look. For others, it’s the hobby or occupation they love.

Mom & Me: Matching or coordinating outfits.

Classic: Anything from 50s or 60s.

Sports: Try to stick with pinks, whites, or light blues – make sure to have white shoes and bonus points for white sports equipment.

Dojo Mojo Casa House: Western wear. I DO have Ken’s white fur coat, headband, and glasses.

Holiday: Light blues and pink dressy.

Check out our Instagram for props we have AVAILABLE – Coming soon


Gift Cards


We offer both digital and physical gift cards. Both are personalized. Our physical cards are wrapped in a beautiful linen folio with directions to book their session. It can be shipped directly to you or you can pick up in our studio. 

Holiday Pet Portraits 2022


I’m an animal lover through and through. Let me create amazing portraits of your fur [or furless] baby. Prices are for one pet, but you can add up to three pets to your session. All sessions are in our studio.


      • Fun 30 Minutes with Ashley
      • Variety of sets both Holiday and Regular
      • Signature retouching on all delivered images

PROOFING – $280 

After the session, you will receive a proofing gallery with around 1-15 images to choose THREE to be retouched and delivered with the option of purchasing more at $60 each.  Turnaround time is roughly 14-16 Days


After the Session I choose the best 10 or so images, retouch each image with my signature retouching and send you a link to download. Turnaround time is roughly 7-10 Days


Up to three animals. If bringing three please reach out so I may put you in a time frame that gives me a bit of wiggle room. Most sessions are back to back with a hard stop.

Fall 2022 Mini Sessions

FALL 2022 Mini Session Line Up


Nov. 11 – Dec. 11th

Simple family portraits and fun holiday set for a stress free in studio session. Located in a fun boho marketplace.

Location: Lowell, MA

Holiday Mini Sessions – Two options

All Sessions Receive:
♥  Pre-session style guidance
♥  20 minute session
♥  Signature Retouching
♥  Simple holiday card ordering


1. Proofing – $380

You will receive a gallery within 10 days of your session with all the best images that have been adjusted for basic editing. This collection comes with THREE high-resolution images with the option to purchase more at $60 each. Once your chosen images are received I then take great care in retouching each image and send you a link to download once they are ready.

♥  3 images + option to purchase more


2: All Inclusive – $580

We are changing things up this year. Everyone is stressed out, stretched thin and can’t believe we are already this far into the year. We hear you. This year we are giving you the option of eliminating proofing and delivering all the best files retouched. No more trying to find time to sit down and choose, trying to pick between favorites, and waiting on retouches.

♥  10+ images with our signature retouching



Easy peasy.

We are even going a step further and pre loading your images into our card building site. Hundreds of design options at your convenience, address printing on your envelopes. Cards ordered in a couple of clicks and shipped to your door.


Have a preferred lab? You will be sent a gallery of your images to download and use them however and whenever you like.



How do I book a session?

  1. First, choose the session type you want. 
  2. Click the link to pick your Date & Time
  3. Fill out your info and pay. 
  4. You are booked!
  5. You will receive an email to help you get started in planning for your session and my cell to connect over styling your family for your session.

Can you hold a spot for us?

Sorry, this is an automated booking process during the busiest time of year. I cannot hold spots. All limited spots are on a first come first serve basis.

Do you help with outfits?

Absolutely! Once you are booked you will get our Style & Preparation guide along with my contact info to help plan outfits.


It Rains? 

I always pre-schedule bad weather makeup days. I generally don’t reschedule until the night before or the morning of. This is New England after all. If you can’t make the rain date we will work with you to transfer the session to another date.

We get sick?

I have a zero sick policy. If anyone in your household is sick you need to reschedule your session. You have up to a year to reschedule as long as we get advanced notice.

I need to cancel?

As long as you give us 24-hour notice, we will credit your session fee to your account and you may use it up to one year. Due to the limited nature, not showing up to your session you forfeit all rescheduling options.

custom holiday cards

Wilder Wolf is One! Forest Cake Smash

Wilder Wolf is One! Forest Cake Smash

Black and white family portrait

Happiest birthday to the wonderful Wilder Wolf! How could we not have his first birthday cake smash session in the forest!? He rocked the little wolf hat I made just for this special occasion. His dad baked his cake which he absolutely loved! My favorite image is the one you can tell when that sugar hit him for the first time. I’m so happy to be part of your adorable little family Wilder and Co. 

Forest family portrait