Operation Delta Dog is a nonprofit organization with a mission to rescue homeless dogs and train them to work as service dogs for veterans who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and related challenges. I was very excited to hear they will be attending Dog Days at Mill No. 5 where our photography studio is located. Believing strongly in the mission of this organization, our studio has decided sponsor a fundraising project for them. 

100% of the $99 portrait session fee will go towards Operation Delta Dog. Prints & Digital Files are additional. Photos will be ready within two weeks to make your purchases and share with friends. Who doesn’t want awesome photos of their fur-baby while helping veterans and homeless dogs???

By Appointment Only  – May 16-21st 



– Dog Day at Mill No. 5  –



Lots of amazing vendors and free family & dog friendly entertainment. More Info.PIZZUTI-PHOTOGRAPHY-DOG-DAY-070

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The Caci Family sure does make cute babies. We’ve been photographing them for what seems like a lifetime now. They’ve become more like family than clients. So happy we get to add to their ever growing family portraits that adorn their home.  Check out more Caci Family Portraits


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I’m in the process of finding a cast for a short film my photography studio is putting together.  You can see samples of our photography work here and our last kid based project Vote for Chase here.

This is a mockumentary about four  girls who go through the process of  becoming flower girls. Think a mixture of A Mighty Wind, Glee and the Hello Flo commercials. I’m looking for girls who are naturally funny and can improvise well.

This will be shot documentary style. The opening scenes will be interviews of each girl in their ‘bedrooms’ and then b-roll to supplement it. These have not been scheduled as we would like to work on that with each family. They will however take place before 12/30/2014

The coach will guide them and pushes them through a series of activities & tests to become the best flower girls they can be. Training Scenes will be filmed on Sunday 10/5/2014 this is mandatory for each  FG. Rain date is scheduled for Columbus Day Monday 10/13

Each girl will be filmed at each of their respective weddings with a follow up interview with the coach on how they did and what they thought of the wedding.

The Sisters and The Brat weddings are scheduled for Wednesday 9/3/2104 with an early afternoon start time at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA . The Tomboy wedding will be at Mill No. Five shoot date TBA.  See the end of this for all important dates.

I’m currently looking for four girls to play the parts of the flower girls. The roles are listed below. Our coach is 48” tall so I prefer girls shorter than her. This is a spoof/mockumentary so girls who are naturally hilarious is a plus.


She is always right and when she isn’t things get bad. Does not approve of her mother’s marriage because “he” takes mom away from her. Mom throws money/gifts at her to make up for her absence. Gets vindictive at the wedding, is very sneaky but deep down it’s because she is lonely and just wish her mom could “see” her.  



She is a “do gooder” really takes being a flower girl seriously. Is excited and proud to be in her first wedding. 


Mostly in lala land. Looks up to older sister and tries to copy her but doesn’t always get it right. Could care less about the wedding or being a flower girl.  She is mostly there for comical cute factor.


Would rather be in jeans and sneakers and at the skate park. Mom is a stage mom with high ambitions of having a princess flower girl. Is doing this just to appease her mom. Doesn’t really like being the center of attention and though she tries not  to show it has anxiety about doing it.

I’m hosting a casting call/Auditions on Wednesday  8/13 in Lowell, MA at Mill No. 5  from 6-9 PM

Please have anyone interested in auditioning for these roles email me hello@pizzutiphotography.com just so I have an idea of who is coming. I would like to interview each girl in the character they would like to play using the description above rather than go by a script.

As of right now this job is a trade for reel, stills & headshots, and can offer portfolio shoots or family portraits in exchange for your time when we wrap up the project.  We have zero budget for this and it mostly a collaboration of local wedding vendors and our studio to pull it off. 


Important Dates:

8/13 – Casting and Auditions

8/31 or 9/1 – Meeting to go over wedding scenes, practice and dress fittings.

– Once I get the cast I can see which of those days  works for everyone

9/3 – The Brat & The Sisters Weddings at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA

10/5 – The Training scenes – most of the day – All FG + Coach

10/13 – Training scenes rain date


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