DropBox Best Practices

Step One

Click on your personal DropBox link below. Click the DOWNLOAD button in the upper right-hand corner. Download them to a safe place on your computer’s hard drive.  

IF it doesn’t give you the option of choosing a location go to your browsers download folder and move the Zip file over to a safe place on your hard drive.

DO NOT click to share them with your own personal DropBox. Once we delete them from our end it will delete your access to them.

The files will be compressed in a .ZIP file. Double click to un-zip the file.

Step Two

You will find two folders and a pdf. Please read the PDF before printing or uploading anything to the web. The two folders contain both a PRINT version and WEB of each image.


Make sure you download BOTH folders and the PDF WITHIN ONE WEEK of receiving this email. We have to keep room to upload future sessions. I recommend download the entire folder rather than move each file over one at a time.

Step Three

Once you have your files backed up, we do recomend backing them up in several places. External hard drives and cloud storage. We recomend against using social media as a form of backup.


Trouble shooting

→ Occationally there are issues. Some work computers will not allow for personal large file downloads.

→ Make sure you have enough space. These are faily large files. I do not recomend downloading these to a tablet or smart phone.

 → Clear your browser cache, sometimes things get wonky when they jam up. 

→  Still having issues – please email me hello@pizzutiphotography.com