Fall is always a crazy time, it’s the busiest time of year for the studio with lots of wedding, family photos, and getting holiday cards and gifts ordered and out to clients. So family time is both rare and sacred. One of our yearly traditions is going to the Topsfield Fair. We allow cotton candy for dinner and staying up late for rides even on a school night [weekends are all booked up]. I usually take a break from my camera, but wanted to try out a new lens so figured it would be a good way to break it in. So happy I did and so glad I have a compliant kid who enjoys having her photo taken. I also wanted to mention the dragon┬ároller coaster is a huge deal. She begged to go on it last year, even though I insisted it was going to be a little scary. They ended up having to stop the ride. As soon as we got there she insisted on going again. “I need to face my fear mom.” Huge smile the whole time, so proud of my girl!

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