Q. When is the retainer and final balance due?
A. The retainer is due upon booking to hold your desired session date and time. The balance is due the day of the session but can be paid in advance as well. We switched to this policy to help streamline the workflow of the studio and to get our images delivered to our clients as quickly as possible. Picking out photos can be overwhelming and this allows you to finish the ordering process at your leisure.

Q. Your retainer is non-refundable. What happens if my kid gets sick or we have bad weather?
A. We will ALWAYS try to work with you to reschedule the session. We know life happens so we try to be flexible. Not showing up for your session, you forfeit both the session and retainer.

Q. Can you hold a date while I check....?
A. Short answer is no, not because we don't want to but really to be fair we have to work off a first come first serve basis. Certain times of the year like fall we receive multiple inquiries a day and some are more motivated than others or are just looking for information. If life gets in the way, as it does sometimes, just contact us to make sure your desired date is still available if not, we will find something else that will work.

Q. What if I don't like my photos can I get a refund?
A. Not to toot my horn, but we have a pretty healthy track record. The slight chance you are unhappy, we will offer you one make up session and your original files will be deleted or be given studio credit. No make up sessions or refunds will be given once the digital files have been delivered.

Q. How long will my session be?
A. Most our sessions run about an hour and half, this of course, depends on the cooperation of my subjects, available light, how many people in the session etc. Also, location sessions tend to be longer than studio sessions to to traveling from one spot to another and varied lighting situations.

Q. How many photos will I receive?
A. A typical session usually yields around 30 images and can go up to as many as 60. A large family or amazing location with perfect light and perfect children will have more. These images are the best of the bunch. Handpicked and carefully retouched so they are perfect the first time you set eyes on them.

Q. Can I see or purchase "the rest" of the photos from the session?
A. No. Mostly because the files from our camera are HUGE so without making our computers run as slow as paint drying we have to delete outtakes right away. We do however keep a few "B" rated images incase there is a cropping issue with the better one. These will only be release if there is an issue with the originals.

Q. What do you mean by "restricted" when I'm purchasing the Digital Files?
A. You can make prints and products at any lab you like we just ask that you ONLY upload the web-sized, watermarked image to ANY social media. This is to protect both our artistry, our business and most importantly our clients privacy. We've had a HUGE problem with our images being "lifted" and used unlawfully. Web images are set for us tracking them and making sure that once they are on the world wide web they don't fall into the wrong hands. We also have some rules about contest, reselling, and publishing. We are happy to send over the full list to those who need to see it before purchase.

Q. Tell me more about your Day-in-the-Life Sessions?
A. An example would be me arriving early in the morning as everyone is getting ready to cook breakfast together, then we head over to Eric's little league game, then to Sara's dance class a quick stop at the library then back home to BBQ and kids running in the sprinklers. Some of the session is contrived as we try to squeeze more of your life into our window of shooting time, but this is a otherwise hands off approach to just blending in and documenting real life. The end result - a selection of professional photographs that captures your life at this point in time.

Q. Do you offer mini or reduced cost sessions?
A. A few times a year we will hold mini session events. Usually at a specific location or at our studio. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about these special days.

Q. Are you open to bartering?
A. Absolutely, we love exchanging services or artistic talents. We are currently looking for a finishing carpenter who can make a custom headboard for Evie's room. Apparently the developer of our loft didn't want any right angles in this room... Just let us know what you have to offer and I will let you know if its something we need.

Q. Can I see examples of your sessions or full pricing on all your products?
A. Yes! Please browse our PROOFING GALLERY. You may find some of the sessions are locked due to client privacy settings. PLEASE do not place any "test" orders. These are live galleries and you will be responsible for the purchase.

Q. What is the next step in booking you?
A. Shoot us an email and we will start the process of picking dates, locations and finalizing the agreement

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