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Little Ms. Nora was as sweet as they get. I loved having this amazing family in for a studio newborn session. 

There is nothing better than new baby smell, unless, that smell also comes with awesome parents attached. The number one thing I love the most in this profession is to watch and document little families grown into their own. I’m so happy for you Katina and Athanasios, she is a treasure.


When one of your longest clients turned friend has a squishy little baby and you spend as much time snuggling as your do photographing and the session takes up a good portion of the day… MAKE MY HEART FULL. Seriously love this growing family. Check out their baby bump photos here.

With a musician dad, we had no choice but to incorporate his love for guitar and love for his son. Just love this adorable music themed newborn session in our studio. They are part of our Year One baby plans and so excited I get to photograph this sweet little guy as he grows into a toddler.

There is nothing I love more than when my kick ass wedding clients come back to us to document their family. I was so happy to hear of the birth of little Cora Curtis. She was named after her two grandmothers, but a fun coincidence that her daddy’s favorite game is Tron. Her daddy is a huge pinball and arcade game collector. To the point, he’s opened a pinball bar at Flat Top Johnny’s in Cambridge, MA. We photographed their wedding back in 2012. You can check it out here

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A few weeks ago you may remember my post about waiting for baby marshmallow. Well, he’s here and is a snuggly and stylish as you can imagine. I’m so happy to be invited to photograph my friend Lydia from Sweet Lydia’s and her new little family at their home.  I can’t wait to watch this little handsome guy grow up!



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She had three amazing older sisters, but mom wanted her baby plan photos to be all her own. This sweet little girl gets to be part of an amazing family I’ve had the pleasure of photographing for many years when their family was much much smaller. I love the details to the nursery and the fact she’s in the same crib as her sisters all slept in. One of the reasons I love shooting newborn sessions in the home. This little bunny will be joining her sisters on the ski slopes before we know it!

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Nothing makes me more happy than our past wedding clients call us to let us know they are expecting and want me to be their family photographer. Check out their Martha’s Vineyard wedding photos here

My newborn photography has been leaning more and more lifestyle over the years and I’m in love with it. We all love the cute sleeping posed photos, but what I want to do is capture what real life at that moment looks like. I love this family to a t and thrilled they trust me to document their family is it grows.