I’ve been photographing this family forever. To be entrusted with someone’s family history is an important job and I hold this responsibility is something I take very seriously. While our sessions have been portrait based, I love they have allowed me to photograph them in a more natural way through a lifestyle session doing something they love together as a family. This session took place at Tougas Family Farm in Northborough, MA. To see more photography of the Radcliffe Family, click here.

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Hurricane Joaquin couldn’t stop us. It turned out to be a gorgeous day!!! While I finish up all the rest here are some sneak peeks of our day together at Great Brook Farm in Carlisle. Wish you could have joined us? We have a couple more spots open for this Sunday [10/11] in the afternoon. Just follow this link to inquire.  

Flying changes stables portrait of girl with her horse

This is Evie’s horse trainer, Kasey. We are so happy and grateful to have her in our life. Evie loves nothing more than to be out at the stables and Kasey is so patient dealing with both tots and the miniature horses and ponies they ride.  If you want to learn more about the riding programs please visit: http://www.flyingchangestables.com/

Girl snuggles horse in the fall sunlight

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Little girl brushes her pony

Evie has always been an animal kid. Though I’ve never met a three year old that wasn’t in love with animals. However, horses have been a favorite. I cannot even tell you how many episodes of My Little Pony we’ve clocked in this house. It’s the only thing she will watch. We were very fortunate when her BFF from preschool invited her to ride a few times at a local stable and then she fell in love. While, Peanut isn’t technically “hers” she will argue otherwise.

You know that moment as a parent when you see your kid doing something so natural for them and you know you have created something for them they will carry throughout their life? This is it for us. Hook, line and sinker. The stable she takes lessons at is FLYING CHANGES STABLES in Chelmsford, MA. They have miniature horses just her size. The owner, Cathy is extremely generous and kind. Her teenage daughter Kasey is Evie’s teacher and is unbelievably mature for her age, responsible and patient.

The dress she is wearing is something I made her to wear to be a flower girl in our good friends wedding last August. It ended up being a much bigger undertaking than I estimated so I at least had to get another shoot out of it. Thank you to my mom for helping me put the pattern together. 

Little girl cares for her pony