It was really hard not to share these image before they were gifted for Father’s Day. One of the very first sessions in our brand spanken’ new studio. Love these girls. I hear dad was pretty happy with his gift too. 


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We have had the honor of documenting the Caci family since they decided to start one. All the way back to their engagement session, wedding photos, this awesome concept project called Live the Dress – where at the time we found out they were expecting their first. Then getting to photograph Keller from bump to birthday in one of our Baby Steps Plans. It’s been so amazing having this family in our life and creating art and memories for them.


I’ve been working on my Mother’s Wedding Dress project before I even became a mother myself. Traditions of wearing your mother’s wedding gown is a rare occurrence, but when you are little playing dressups in mama’s dress is a magical experience. Being able to present these to her on her wedding day already makes me emotional.

I photographed these almost a year ago, they got shuffled into our personal pile of photos just as wedding season started and never got around to it. I’m so glad I’m spending mother’s day going through all our family photos and getting them organized, not an easy task with a two photographer family.

Getting to play dressups with my baby girl wearing my wedding dress is something I will never forget. The hat she’s wearing was the hat my mom wore to her wedding. The suitcases belonged to her great great grandmother.  These photos I will cherish forever.

Our biggest mini session weekend to date. Everyone was amazing to work with and we made it through without a single toddler meltdown!! We are so lucky to be part of Mill No. 5 and are thankful for letting them use their awesome space. Here is a selection of my favorites for the weekend. You can click the link below the set of photos to see them all on our proofing gallery.

This weekend I also did something out of my normal style to push myself as a photographer and only shot with natural light with the help of some reflectors and bounce cards. 

This was a huge push for me as an artist as I’m always creating the light in most of my past work with studio lighting. I’ve become lazy in trying to find the best natural light in different situations. I learned a lot and thrilled with the outcome. 

Feel free to share this link or individual photos by clicking them open. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below the images as feedback is important to our studio and it helps our brand new site with search engine ranking.

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family photos at Gibbet Hill in Groton

What do you get when you get a slightly overcast, slightly wet, not too hot or cold morning on a beautiful farm  in a great location with two rambunctious boys and their awesome parents? You make amazing family photos. Oh did I mention this farm has a “castle” we hiked to? Really doesn’t get better than this. 

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We are sleep deprived, sore and have a never-ever ending todo list. Some of us stay home all day with our tots while other juggle a whole world of other demands and not one of us would trade it in for a second. May is for all those super moms out there fixing those scabbed knees, going to the store with spit up on our shirts, sitting threw sports games in the rain, all-nighters, reading that same book for the millionth time tonight after wearing heels all day. Here’s to you!!! 

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Call me a little bias, but I’m in love with Evie’s latest session. Now that she is getting older and ‘getting it’ when it comes to shoots. She helped plan out all the outfits and we enjoyed a few ‘girls days’ together while shopping for them. I don’t think I can ever get enough time with her in moments like those. The reason for the photoshoot was part promo for our spring mini sessions being held at Mill No. 5 this year in downtown Lowell,  part mother’s day presents for the grandma’s and part because she has grown almost three inches since her holiday session back in November.  She’s gone from that little toddler to kid phase all too quickly.

I would love to hear which photo is your favorite. Please leave comments below.

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Lodi, CA

It’s not rare to find my camera not far from me at any given time especially on play-dates and even more so when it’s one of your longest BFFs two amazingly adorable kiddos. Even though Evie and Tatum only see each other a couple times a year they are following in their mothers footsteps in being friends for life. This was a quick session while we played dress-up photo-shoot while visiting them in Lodi, CA.