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– Four year old Chase runs for President –

It’s five days before the election, and Chase stands in front of an empty auditorium in Lowell, MA. He stuffs his hands in his dress pant pockets and exhales deeply. A reporter from the local paper is conducting a pre-debate interview. “If you’re elected, you’ll have some pretty big shoes to fill.” Chase pauses for a moment and glances down at his size 3 Buster Browns. “You know dynamite comes in small packages, right?”

Campaign trails can be long and arduous. Chase’s journey to the presidency started months ago in Sterling Heights, Michigan, where he kicked off his national journey to get in front of voters with his mom, his tutor, and an army of handlers.

In between shaking the hands of adoring supporters and kissing babies day in and day out, he’s rarely found a moment for pause.

“I relate to these babies because I was where they are now not too long ago,” Chase says. “I remember what it feels like to be tucked into a warm blanket. Safe. Protected. I want to swaddle our nation so everyone can feel that way.”

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In four hours, the auditorium seats will be filled with townspeople and news crews, eager to watch the two candidates battle head-to-head. For now, Chase has retired backstage to run final debate prep with his trusted campaign manager, Erica. She’s the brains of the operation: a savvy, seasoned political veteran who reads at a third-grade level. An intellectual force feared by her opponents (legend has it that an electric, three-minute speech she once gave on economics caused her political nemesis to experience a “trickle down” effect in his Dockers), she reminds Chase to focus on their platform talking points. Where do they fall on required recess? Absolutely. And extra homework? Yuck.Chase begins practicing a response, loses it mid-thought, and starts to throw a tantrum. Thankfully, Erica always has a juice box at the ready.“Motts and Chase: stronger together,” she says as Chase eagerly slurps his juice. “That might have to be our new campaign slogan.”

Thank you for respecting our copyright.

Thank you for respecting our copyright.

The debate begins with both candidates being announced over the PA system of the auditorium. Photographers snap and the audience claps as Chase enters from behind the curtain, waving politely. He and David, his opponent, shake hands and walk behind their respective pulpits. Anderson, the moderator, lays out the ground rules: two-minute responses to each question, 8 p.m. curfew, and no name calling. The last rule is met with light laughter from the audience.

Chase turns to David, and they lock eyes in an epic staredown, silently daring the other to blink. Nostrils flare. Eyebrows raise. Thumbs are placed in ears and fingers are wiggled vigorously. Finally, David cannot contain himself and blinks.
And thus, the debate begins.

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Thank you for respecting our copyright.

For the next ninety minutes, Anderson asks the candidates a number of hard-hitting questions on topical issues facing America. On the role of the federal government: “Where do you both fall on mandated nap times? And is it a state or a federal issue?” David, practiced and confident, says, “I love building a wall around myself with blankets when I nap for maximum privacy. Plus, my mom pays for everything!”

The crowd cheers loudly.

On the importance of infrastructure: “We need to be strategic in our efforts to build, block by block, from within,” says Chase. “I’ve met with union leaders from Somerville to Springfield. We’ve got great people with great ideas, but we have to be patient with our implementation timelines.”

“As you well know, Lego Land wasn’t built in a day.” His calm, measured delivery brings the crowd to its feet, and they applaud Chase over the admonishments of Anderson and well past the 8:00 p.m. curfew.

It’s election day, and Chase is nervous. “The race is closer than two knees on a tricycle,” he tells the throng of reporters gathered outside of Central School, where Chase will go and cast his vote for the President of the United States. “It’s really anyone’s game.”

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He turns and stares directly into one of the cameras.“I wish my opponent well. And if he said the same thing about me, at the same time, then…jinx, David, buy me a Coke.”Chase walks into the building, passing his preschool classroom on his left, and down the hallway towards the gymnasium.

Seventy two weeks. Forty nine states (he didn’t make it to Alaska, but he did see the world’s largest potato in Idaho). One hundred and thirty six cities. Thousands of handshakes. Two cases of the sniffles, one during the first debate. (To his credit, he did not blame the microphone.)It’s been a long road leading up to this one day. This one hour. This one moment in time.Chase borrows a No. 2 pencil, steps into the voting booth, and fills in the bubble next to his name.

Dropping the ballot in the secure box, he turns to the people of Lowell and flashes an enthusiastic thumbs up, his boyish optimism fully on display.
“Now, there’s nothing to do but wait.”

Thank you for respecting our copyright.

Thank you for respecting our copyright.

Photographed by Ashley Pizzuti
Written by Adam Tokarz


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I’ve been photographing this family since their oldest was just a little baby I love that I’m still part of their yearly rituals and got to meet [and snuggle] #3. They have an AMAZING backyard with spectacular fall trees. We were almost rained out of the shoot and so happy mother nature held off for us.

I’ve been photographing this family forever. To be entrusted with someone’s family history is an important job and I hold this responsibility is something I take very seriously. While our sessions have been portrait based, I love they have allowed me to photograph them in a more natural way through a lifestyle session doing something they love together as a family. This session took place at Tougas Family Farm in Northborough, MA. To see more photography of the Radcliffe Family, click here.

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I had the pleasure to meet and work with this wonderful family. It was a hot and bright morning on Hampton Beach, NH but that did stop this little guy. Thankfully we had a chance to cool off in his adorable room. 

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I photographed Keaton’s newborn photos. I love this family to the bone and it makes my heart happy that I haven’t not only been chosen to document their wedding but to document both their little boys in the first year of their lives. This is what I live for, photographer for life. Check out some of the other photos I’ve created for the Caci family here


Last Sunday [June 12th] we hosted our daughter Evie’s 5th birthday party in our photography studio. I have been planning her first ‘Big 5’ party since I found out I was having a girl. Originally we were going to have it out at the stables she’s spent so much time at other the last few years, however, with the newly developed horse hair allergy that wasn’t an option. She’s very into tea parties and Alice in Wonderland right now, so we figured that was the perfect theme. Many of the other partners at Mill No. 5, which is home to our studio, graciously chipped in to lend props and help style. A huge thanks to Chhavy over at Style this Shindig for bringing my vision come to life. If you are considering a styled event please consider her, she is nothing short of amazing. While I don’t have photos of her actual party, I hired another photographer so I could play host and be a mom for the actual event, here are some pre-party photos we took before the guests arrived.


I loved photographing these beautiful girlies. It was the first time I’ve worked with the Noel family and happy they came to us for their spring photos. Mom came in with a mission to fill in some missing gaps on a photo wall they created in their home. I cannot wait to see how it came out!

I’ve been doing a little more Day in the Life style shooting in my sessions. I feel documenting “real life” is just as important as the smiling portraits. As parents, we know how fast time flies. One of my favorite sayings is ‘The days are long, but the years are short’ if you are a parent you understand exactly what I’m talking about. Thank you Caci Family. I can’t believe we only have one more session left together in your two years of baby plans. I’m going to miss seeing you every three months!


 FULL SESSIONS   are up to 2 hours and can include 6 immediate family members with unlimited outfit changes, poses, and background at a location of your choice. Collections start at $649 $599 and include the session, retouching on all the best images, product consultation, web-gallery for proofing and sharing and a $200 Print & Product credit. Digital Files and additional family member collections available. 


MINI SESSIONS   are 30 minutes for up to 6 immediate family members with one outfit and a small variety of poses and backgrounds. They are scheduled at certain times/dates/locations, for more information on dates click here.  The best 10 images are delivered to you as digital files, via DropBox and can be printed anytime anywhere for $349 $299.  


HOLIDAY CARDS  Book your session by 9/15 and you will receive 25 free holiday cards. We have a huge variety of already designed templates or we can create something new for you. Click here to check out some of our designs.






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We had Evie’s best friend Kalina in for a Mommy & Me photo shoot last week. I think of Kalina as one of my own and it pulls on my heart strings how much older she looks than the little toddler she is in my mind. Tell these kiddos to stop growing so fast!